The advantages of light RTM is that we are able to produce parts that will meet all of the requirements of a customer. We are able to set the thickness that would be required and to do a cross section anywhere it would be at required thickness!! We are able to produce parts from ½ mm thickness up to whatever e.g. 25mm. The other advantage is that the parts are smooth on the inside as well as the outside hence giving you a better finish. We can produce parts in Ortho, ISO, Vinyl, and fire proof resins for the Train, Tram, Plane, and Bus industries.

We use three types of “B” mould applications:

  • 1/ Fibreglass B mould
  • 2/ Silicone Bag
  • 3/ Sprayomer bag


With two of these systems we are able to produce parts with undercut unlike traditional methods where you have to allow for draw.